Every day more of our daily life gets integrated into the digital world. Communication, entertainment, banking, law, manufacturing, automobiles and many more facets of our life have entered the digital sphere and more elements are being added each day.

“The world takes it for granted. But at Imprimis we make it happen. We are engineers and innovators and we enable this electronic transformation.” Alumnus Software is a customer focused, engineering driven company. We are devoted to finding solutions to the problems of the ever connected world of people and devices. We do this through our thorough understanding of engineering principles and by paying attention to our customers’ needs. We are able to do it better and our solutions are more elegant due to the fact that we have worked on the entire spectrum from hardware device to consumer data.

    Embedded Hardware Services

    Imprimis ensures that the top grade and future ready processors, microcontrollers and other hardware components are selected to manufacture your products.

    We handpick every component that goes into manufacturing your products. Our team of hardware experts selects the most suitable components, right from the processor platforms to the microcontrollers.

    We help clients with production designs, power optimisation, certification support as well as manufacturing support with our partner ecosystem and deliver top notch embedded hardware solutions to meet your requirements which can be scalable in near future.

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